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Industrial Concrete

Brosnahan’s Concrete keeps your factory humming.

When you need improvements, new construction or repairs in your factory, warehouse or other industrial facility, Brosnahan’s Concrete is your contractor. Our professionals know that top quality work is crucial to keeping your business running safely and efficiently.

No improvement project is too large or too small for our company.

Whether you need to enlarge an opening to accommodate your forklift or you need a new loading dock, truck ramp or driveway, our industrial concrete contractors have the experience and skill to provide you with superior service using only the highest quality concrete materials.


Our industrial concrete floors and pavements have a strong mix design and heavy reinforcements.

Factory floors are not standard concrete floors. They must withstand high traffic, heavy equipment and the abuse that comes with industrial projects. Our industrial concrete floors are designed to perform under heavy use and significant weight, while resisting stains and scratches so your floor maintains its luster with minimal maintenance. Painted varieties also are available.


Industrial Concrete Parking Lots

Brosnahan’s industrial concrete parking lots are easy to maintain, have a long life span, and are designed to support the heavy vehicle loads that frequent your establishment. Our quality materials resist cracking and crumbling, giving you the years of service you expect from your investment.

If you need repairs or renovations in your factory, or are looking for a quality industrial concrete contractor for your new construction, contact Brosnahan’s Concrete in the Canton or surrounding Ohio area for a free estimate.

Highest customer satisfaction

Our success is measured through the happiness of our customers.