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Concrete Retaining Walls

Your Brosnahan Concrete retaining walls are both functional and decorative.

At Brosnahan, we use the same theories and techniques for your retaining walls as we use for your concrete foundation, so you know your retaining wall will be strong and provide a lifetime of protection for your backyard or business.

We design our quality retaining walls using precise forms and reinforcing steel to ensure the strength of the wall matches its function. Our experts start by determining how your wall must perform, as well as height requirements, and the composition and grading of the land where the wall will be located. We don’t begin until we have finalized the details and dimensions of your wall, as well as your budget and plans for its use.

We also understand that aesthetics matter. By using poured concrete and customized forms, you can choose the texture and design of your retaining wall, including creating the look of stone, brick or pavers. We also offer a wide variety of colors to enhance the look and atmosphere of any yard or patio.

Your retaining wall project includes footings appropriate to the height and conditions of your project, as well as drainage and customized finishing touches. Call today for a free estimate.

Highest customer satisfaction

Our success is measured through the happiness of our customers.